With Her Works that Mirror Urban Life: Serap Can

Serap Can’s works feature randomly selected crowds from urban life. In her works she combines dynamic scenes placed in a tight order with a vibrant color palette, creating a kind of life map that shows the perspective of the metropolis and the way it exists in the world. After completing her education at Sakarya University […]

The State of Being One with the Painting: Cem Onat

Cem Onat aims to achieve the unity of existence throughout his paintings by adopting the style of action painting. His canvases, bearing the traces of body movements, promise an aesthetic pleasure to the audience. We had a short conversation with the artist on his journey towards painting and his artistic approach.

The Representative of Imaginary Freedom: İrem Yılmaz

İrem Yılmaz, with her oil paintings questioning the nature of freedom, weaves various shuttles between reality and imagination by placing images at length with their components. While the pastel tones she uses express the narrative of simplicity, her education that was based on graphic design adds a unique sharpness to her works. You are invited […]

Paintings Exploring Our Existence: Khayyam Zidane

In his paintings exploring the nature of our existence, Khayyam Zidane makes authentic use of the oil color and its rich vocabulary of tones. He is simultaneously present in two different geographies like Turkey and Syria, drawing inspirations from both. We embarked with Zidane on a deep journey into his art that combines philosophical questioning […]

On the Identity of Women in the Societal Impasse with Funda Alkan

Funda Alkan’s art practice, built around cutting, sewing, and embroidery techniques, includes a critique of the perceptions of mainstream beauty imposed on women by society. Shaping her artistic journey with the stories and inner inspirations she encounters, Alkan references historical tragedies and social traditions that are closely related to the female body in her works.

Magical Moments in Art: Batıkan B. Bostancı

Batıkan B. Bostancı is a young artist who loves to research and experiment. He nurtures his art with passion. He sees the “magical power” he sensed in art since his childhood, as a source of motivation that always excites him. We had a pleasant interview with the artist, where you can be a guest in […]

Paintings That Touch the Past: İlsu Aslan

In Ilsu Aslan’s paintings, it is possible to see the traces of the past and feel its scent. Throughout her artistic production process, she builds a bridge between the past and the present, based on her own life and experiences. She constructs her paintings that delve into the past and life with her own unique […]

The Frozen Scenes of Flows: Gabriel Vorbon

Gabriel Vorbon determines the subjects of his photographs inspiring from the flow of daily life and his own experiences. The events he witnesses and the people he encounters turn into living frames in the artist’s mind. His compositions that reflect frozen flows do shelter hidden sequences of time that belong to the previous and following […]

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