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Read about many interesting subjects and interviews we make with various experts to learn more about art. Take your first step towards collecting art or expand your existing collection. Branch out your collection with our wide selection of works that appeal to different tastes and budgets.

Sanat sevginizi besleyin.

Sanat hakkında merak edilen birçok konu ile ilgili bilgiye Artlog bölümüzde uzmanlarla ve sanatçılarla yaptığımız röportajlardan, Art50campus içeriğinden ve sanat gündemi hakkında birbirinden ilginç konulardaki yazılarımızdan ulaşabilirsiniz. aracılığıyla sizlere sunulan koleksiyonerliğe başlama rehberi ile koleksiyonerliğe ilk adımınızı atabilir veya var olan koleksiyonunuzu rehberimize dayanarak genişletebilirsiniz.

Live with Art.

Follow suggestions from our experts to change or add a new meaning and color to the places you live. Inspire art lovers like you by sending us your pictures taken with the artworks in your life.

Our Team

Güliz Özbek Collini

Following an extensive corporate career, Güliz decided to take an active role in art in which she had taken a keen interest for many years. In order to reach different audiences and facilitate an artful lifestyle for everyone, she founded After graduating from Robert College and Business Administration department at Boğaziçi University, she received her MBA in International Marketing from Indiana University and San Diego State University. During her 25-year-long marketing career Güliz worked at corporations such as; Pirelli, McCann Erickson, Toyota and Hilton Worldwide.

Zilan Gamze Çiftci
Sales & Marketing

As a graduate of Yeditepe University Department of Art Management,
Zilan has experience in gallery and collection management. Since 2013 she focuses her career on online art market and at she is currently responsible for sales & marketing and artist relations.


Yasemin Temizer

Yasemin Temizer, following her BA in Economics at Bilgi University, studied design at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. She is currently working as a freelancer in experience design in the field of UI / UX. Yasemin, who did her internship at Art50net, has always enjoyed being a part of the team since and is a member of our family.

Sena Arcak Bağcılar

Sena completed her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Visual Arts at Sabancı University, at the department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication and Design. She worked in various institutions such as Sabancı University, Sakıp Sabancı Museum and Peggy Guggenheim Museum. She worked in Casa dell’Arte Art Department as a coordinator of ‘Casa dell’Arte Art Residency Program’ and exhibition coordinator as well as a private collection consultant. Currently she works as a Teaching Assistant at Sabancı University and at she supports content development.

İpek Yeğinsü

İpek is a graduate of Koç University Department of International Relations (B.A.) and Koç University Department of Anatolian Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management (M.A.). She worked for various contemporary art institutions as collection director, exhibition coordinator, residency program manager, curator and gallery director. She received her Ph.D. degree from Özyeğin University Department of Design, Technology and Society. Ipek continues to support with content and curation.

Zeynep Okyay

Following her philosophy degree at Galatasaray University, Zeynep Okyay studied cultural management at Bilgi University. Since 2011, she has been carrying out participatory collaboration projects with a social focus at the PASAJ independent art space, which she co-founded. She carries out her artistic and cultural works under the roof of amberPlatform and PASAJ.

Aylin Seçkin

After teaching in different cities in Canada, Aylin returned to Istanbul in 2001 and has been since continuing her academic career Istanbul Bilgi University Economics department. Recognized by her studies in the fields of art and culture, Seçkin carries out research projects sponsored by foundations such as European Union and TUBITAK.

Marcus Graf

Marcus has worked for several institutions as a curator, instructor, writer, project manager and artist. After teaching at Yeditepe University since 2003, he became an Assoc. Prof. for Contemporary Art History and Theory in 2012. In addition to working being the resident curator for Plato Sanat in Istanbul, Marcus has directed the 9th edition of Contemporary Istanbul.


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