On Material and Artistic Practice with Merve Dündar

Merve Dündar is an artist with a strong relationship with the material, open to new experiments and confident in her instinct. Although she had formal art education as late as her master’s degree, she constantly invested in her self development. Ve talked to Merve about her creative process, the place of material in it and […]

Yıldırım İnce: The Story of an Artist from Car Industry to Fine Arts and His Passion for Urban Life

Yıldırım İnce is an artist who carries the city’s soul into his canvases, giving it a new life. A fan of cars with a special bond to woswos. We had a great conversation with Yıldırım about his life story and his art.   When did you begin to produce art? It happened after a dialogue […]

A Journey with Baysan Yüksel into the Magic Stories of Our Childhood

Baysan Yüksel is a deep, sensitive artist who cares about what is beyond the immediately visible, who is mesmerized with the immaculate creativity of childhood, and passionate about books. With Baysan we have found ourselves in a conversation that touches our souls, that enriches us, full of hope and melancholy at the same time. On […]

Interview with Gözde Başkent

Gözde Başkent draws attention with her authentic style and her conceptual viewpoint emphasizing nature-human relationship. We talked to Başkent, who has recently joined us, about her artistic practice. In your paintings you generally depict women. How do you interpret the connection between woman and nature? Are you interested in mythology? Where do you find inspiration? The […]

An Interview with Deniz Yılmazlar a.k.a Karbon About Her Art

We’ve had a pleasant conversation with our artist Deniz Yılmazlar a.k.a. Karbon about her creative processes. You received your B.F.A. in Photography and Video. In your recent series Unutma Beni (Forget Me Not) eight photographs are complemented by a video. Is this born out of a necessity? How did this series come into being? Actually […]

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