The Painter Searching for the Answers to Inner Dilemmas in Deserted Places: Güliz Baydemir

Concepts from the unconscious symbolized by colors, deep dilemmas inherent in the social reality we live in and difficulties originating from our primitive desires lie at the center of Güliz Baydemir’s artistic practice. How about taking a privileged journey into Baydemir’s universe of thoughts, who sees painting as her favorite instrument of expression and whose […]

A Painter Looking for Peace in Natural Landscapes: Filiz Piyale

Filiz Piyale carries an artistic and academic identity simultaneously, and the intellectual aspect of art is of utmost importance for her. We talked to Piyale, who believes that man can only find peace by confronting his tension with nature, about the origins of her artistic practice and her future projects.

On Umut Yalım’s Extraordinary Adventure In The Arts

Umut Yalım is one of the most colorful, authentic and versatile figures of our contemporary art scene. Approaching the notion of art in his writings, drawings and performances from a critical perspective, Yalım talked to us about his journey as an artist, his areas of interest and his upcoming projects.   When did your fascination […]

The World of Tales, Stories and Myths with Deniz Defne Acerol

Deniz Defne Acerol is truly a storyteller. In her compositions, she uses classical and mythological references with a contemporary critical approach. We talked with Defne who has recently joined the family about her life, paintings and ongoing projects.   You were born in Hong Kong. How old were you when you left? What was […]

On Matter and Spatiality with Görkem Dikel

Losing oneself in Görkem Dikel’s paintings feels like asking questions never asked before and in the middle of a cosmic riddle; she believes an artist should constantly improve herself and should not be afraid of making mistakes. We talked to Dikel about her artistic journey and her compositions defying perception, pushing us to question our […]

On Art and Literature with Müge Ceyhan

Heavily inspired by literature in her abstract compositions and offering a fresh approach to the concept of space, Müge Ceyhan is one of those artists who still experience a childhood enthusiasm while creating art, and she is confident in her intuition. We talked to Müge about her creative journey and her main sources of inspiration. […]

On the Concept of Void, the Loss of Nature and the Adventure of Painting with Fatih Dülger

In his works, Fatih Dülger focuses on the concept of void. He chooses painting both as a reaction to the loss of nature and an effort to understand it; he refers to painting as an indispensable act that makes life more bearable.  We dived deep into a conversation with Fatih about his artistic practice.   […]

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