All in One’02

All in One’ 02, organized by and Galeri BU brings together 37 artists from different disciplines in its second edition. The exhibition has a rich language that combines contemporary art practices and forms of expression; includes new alternative names and approaches, as well as many names circulating in the art market. The exhibition includes […]

The Economy of Art

Academic Economist, whose works we follow closely, published “The Economy of Art” in July 2021. Aylin Seçkin reveals how a work of art starts its journey in artist’s workshop and later continues in galleries, auctions, private collections, and museums, and how its value as a commodity is shaped throughout this process. Focusing on the transactions […]

Ninth Street Women

Published in 2017, Mary Gabriel’s work “Ninth Street Women” focuses on the lives of five female artists who shaped New York’s art scene and the development process of Modern Art in the post-Cold War era. In her book, Gabriel discusses in detail how Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler […]

A Year in the Art World

Matthew Israel takes the reader on a cross-continental journey through a year in the field of art with his “A Year in the Art World” by focusing on behind the scene events of the international art market. Israel’s book, which he prepared by participating in art events in different cities, especially in Los Angeles, Paris, […]

Who Is Afraid of Contemporary Art?

Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi’s “Who Is Afraid of Contemporary Art?” is a source where the readers can find answers to their questions about contemporary art such as “What is contemporary art?”, “What makes contemporary art contemporary?”, “What is contemporary art for,” and “Why is contemporary art so expensive?” and more. Examining different institutions and […]

33 Artists in 3 Acts

Sarah Thornton, who examined different actors of the international contemporary art scene with her book titled “Seven Days in the Art World”, this time focuses on the lives and works of artists with “33 Artists in 3 Acts”. The book, in which Thornton has witnessed the lives of world-renowned stars as well as unexpected artists […]

Women Artists: The Linda Nochlin Reader

Bringing together the groundbreaking articles of one of the most important art historians of our time, Linda Nochlin, “Women Artists: The Linda Nochlin Reader” is an important source for contemporary feminist art theory. The selection includes Nochlin’s “Women Artists After the French Revolution” and “Starting from Scratch: The Beginnings of Feminist Art History,” as well […]

Fifty Key Texts in Art History

Diana Newall and Grant Pooke’s “Fifty Key Texts in Art History”, is an important source that brings influential art writings together, selected from the classical period to the late modern. Contrary to the Eurocentric approach, the book, which presents ideas from different periods, generations, and art movements chronologically, offers an alternative and critical view of […]

The Concept of Modernism and the Birth of Modernist Art in Turkey

Known for his theoretical and literary contributions to Turkish art history, Ali Artun’s new book “The Concept of Modernism and the Birth of Modernist Art in Turkey” focuses on the development process of Modernism in Turkey. Artun places the Modernist narrative, which has heavily influenced various art groups and artists since the early periods of […]

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