miart Milano 2020

miart Milano presents its first digital edition

The international modern and contemporary art fair organised by Fiera Milano and directed by Alessandro Rabottini will be held from 11 to 13 September 2020 in Milan with a VIP preview on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10, as a prelude to the 2021 edition that will take place both physically and online.

The innovative format conceived for the 2020 edition of the fair aims at reasserting the commitment of Fiera Milano to supporting the restarting of the art system and of the entire manufacturing and economic fabric of Milan, the Lombardy Region and Italy as a whole.

Mahn – Kadel Willborn

Galleries, artists, museums, exhibitions and art spaces worldwide are experimenting with new ways to reach their audiences, exploring the digital world as a proximity space. We are witnessing a global effort to transform distance into sharing.

miart has always fostered exchanges between diverse disciplines and generations to mix artistic languages that at a first glance may appear worlds apart. In other words, miart digital is our contribution to the contemporary debate by providing a platform and an array of tools to promote visual arts and foster their appreciation by art lovers worldwide.

Yael Bartana – Raffaella Cortese Gallery

Over 130 national and international exhibitors accepted the invitation to join the digital edition of miart on a platform developed in collaboration with Artshell, confirming their participation to the research that has distinguished the fair over the years and demonstrating the solidity of the network we have built over the years.

Four major thematic areas developed on the platform reflect the characteristic conceptual architecture of miart based on continual exchanges between modern, contemporary, emerging art and collectable design.

Galleries will have the opportunity to share with the audience not only a wide selection of works for sale but, also, multi-media content related to exhibitions currently and recently organized at their venues and shows by represented artists held at public and private institutions.

miart digital will also be offering exhibitors, collectors and art professionals a more immediate way to dialogue using a confidential instant chat tool designed to allows exhibitors and visitors to communicate directly and overcome geographical distances.

Scheepers – Blank Projects

The support of Fondazione Fiera Milano has been reconfirmed this year with a contribution of 50,000 euros through the Fiera Milano Acquisition Fund, demonstrating the mission to support the market concretely.

“This edition of digital miart is certainly different from the physical ones we were accustomed to but will be sure to meet all expectations”, declared Enrico Pazzali, President of Fondazione Fiera Milano. “Despite its particularity, we confirm our commitment to enhancing contemporary art through our trust fund. Over the years, the fund that has contributed to increasing the value of the Fondazione Fiera Milano collection, which today counts 92 works representing an array of different artistic expressions, including paintings, sculptures, films, photography, drawings and installations.”

miart digital aims at becoming a tool for consolidating existing exchanges and starting new ones ahead of the physical and digital edition that will be held from 9 to 11 April 2021.

Cover Photo: David Hockney – Lelong

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