Mehmet Ali Bakanay’s Artinternational 2015 Top 5 for

Legal Consultant, collector and Artinternational Istanbul Consulting Committee member Mehmet Ali Bakanay’s Top 5 selection: Nilbar Güreş, ”Küçük Gri Alan / Small Grey Area”  Nevin Aladağ, ” Top View” Volkan Aslan, “Interior, Night, Bedroom : We hadn’t seen the sun for a long time.” Haegue Yang, “Double Struggle Kicks – Trustworthy #229″ Semiha Berksoy, “Self-Portrait”

The 14th Istanbul Biennial Takes Over the City with the “Saltwater” theme, September 5-November 1

The 14th Istanbul Biennial Takes Over the City with the “Saltwater” theme, September 5-November 1 This year the Istanbul Biennial will literally take over the entire city. Expanding to more than thirty spaces and more than eighty participating artists under the curatorship of Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev it will welcome its visitors in a diversity of places […]


The third edition of Istanbul’s global contemporary and modern art fair launched today at the Haliç Congress Center, welcoming local and international VIP visitors to the fair following a press conference which featured presentations by the fair’s founders, directors and section curators. The fair will feature 87 galleries this year, representing 27 countries presenting works by […]

The events you should not miss in Istanbul

Istanbul enters the colourful month of September with a heavy agenda of artistic events. Galleries, art spaces and initiatives, going with the flows of Istanbul Biennial and Artinternational, are ready to host art lovers with important events. made a selection among hundreds of events especially for this week (August 31 – September 5) Read […]

Celebrities | Ünlüler

Celebrities is an exhibition featuring world reknown personalities and artists that became icons, reinterpreted by artists. These famous people become elements of popular culture and set global trends with their appearances, acts and quotes, be it intentionally or unintentionally. artists Ayna, Betül Aytaç, Genco Gülan and Hadra Tanrıverdi present to artlovers some new interpretations […]

Art at the “Avantgarde” Hotels: Interview with İsmet Öztanık

Art at the “Avantgarde” Hotels: Interview with İsmet Öztanık Interview: Yasemin Elçi Translation: İpek Yeğinsü İsmet Öztanık, the creator of the Avantgarde brand visible in many areas of Istanbul with its hotels, has 25 years of experience in hotel management. He also adds an artistic element to his family business by sponsoring various important contemporary […]

Art50 is at its new home in Bodrum…

This summer,  and Casa dell’Arte cooperate around the ideal of supporting young, talented and emerging artists: starting from July 1, welcomes art lovers to Casa dell’Arte in Bodrum, Torba. While providing its artists with visibility, is delighted to be part of this artful environment thanks to this project, and invites all art […]

Art/Fashion in the 21st Century

The creative industries, today, get inspiration from each other, and from art, as well. Over the last decade, artists started to collaborate with fashion industry. Many designers asked for artists’ opinons, artists  designed many fashion objects in return. So that fashion became more and more artsy. This book is an important survey that explores art-fashion […]

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