“Treasure Room” exhibition by Art50.net at Adahan İstanbul Hotel

“Treasure Room”, Art50.net’s first exhibition this year, welcomes art enthusiasts from March 13 on at the Adahan İstanbul Hotel. Bringing a new dimension to the notion of treasure, the exhibition will be on until April 15 at the Adahan İstanbul Hotel’s -1 Gallery space. 

Can an exhibition resemble a jewel? Can its glitter blind your eyes?

«Treasure Room» transforms Adahan’s hidden and authentic -1 Gallery space into the treasury of a nameless king from an unknown time. Unlike the kings who show their collections only to their closest friends and special guests, this nameless king invites everyone to discover the artworks by young artists, each of which is a treasure of feelings, ideas and inspiration in its own right.

The exhibition features intriguing works made of various materials including canvas, mirror, plastic, wood and video, by Art50.net artists Aslı Dinç, Ece Kalabak, Genco Gülan, Gözde Başkent, Haydar Akdağ, Lale Delibaş, Özgür Demirci, Rafet Arslan and Taşkın Esin. They all emphasize the architectural authenticity and timeless spirit of Adahan’s -1 Gallery space.


Aslı Dinç‘s  video Echoes of a Distant Time she passes through a time tunnel at the Halicarnassus Mausoleum built for King Mausolos, and experiences being an offering to the king. Ece Kalabak’s two canvases are closely related to the notions of subconsciousness and symbolism. The artist’s multi-layered stories told on one single surface give rise to various associations in viewers’ minds, inviting them to create their own narrative. Genco Gülan‘s I Have Always Loved You is composed of three bones immersed in liquid gold and kept by a king, left from his deceased wife whom he deeply loved. Gözde Başkent focuses on the human-nature relationship and illustrates the “treasure” offered by the human-nature unity with her works in the show. In his multidisciplinary works, Haydar Akdağ emphasizes the alternative realities of our living spaces. The artist who produced a site-specific installation for Treasure Room also exhibits a series of money prints and questions the contemporary notion of “treasure”.


Inspired by Shamanism, religion and mythologies using needlework technique, Lale Delibaş  exhibits in Treasure Room her new mirror series and other works in different techniques. Özgür Demirci who combines traditional Turkish motifs with contemporary forms is featured in the exhibition with his ink-on-handmade paper and oil-on-canvas works. Rafet Arslan sees art as a way of reaching pure poetry and the exhibition features his collages and in-box or on-mirror assemblages. With no boundaries in selecting materials, Taşkın Esin is featured in Treasure Room with his three-dimensional digital sculpture.


Visiting Hours: 10 am- 6 pm

Adahan İstanbul Otel, General Yazgan Sok. N. 14 Asmalımescit Beyoğlu

T: 02122438581

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