All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

Photographer and activist Nancy Goldin, born in America in 1953, has been known for pushing the boundaries of the world of photography since her youth. Starting from the idea that we don’t have to be content with everything we see, and that sometimes what we need to see is a raw reality, Goldin brings to light subjects such as LGBT subcultures, AIDS crisis and the opiod epidemic in general in her photographs. Her series, which focus on subject choices and individuals who do not conform to the beauty norms of society, make you feel that she is looking at life through the sad and grainy lens of her camera.

The documentary “All the Beauty and the Bloodshed”, which was screened for the first time at the 79th Venice Festival, appeared in festivals all over the world, and will be screened or will be shown in limited cinemas in various countries in Europe this year, is Nan Goldin’s personal film against opiate. She brings together the fight, her candid interviews and various works with rare footage and enables us to focus on Goldin’s sad and justice-loving world. The documentary, signed by Academy Award-winning documentary director and producer Laura Poitras, explores the points where the famous photographer’s past and present connect, and allows us to take a closer look at the portrait of a real activist.

The story of the movie starts with P.A.I.N., the group Goldin founded to shame museums into rejecting Sackler’s money and encouraging participants to minimize addiction. Inspired by Act Up, she organized protests to draw attention to the toxic philanthropy of the Sackler family, which sparked the opioid epidemic with Purdue Pharma’s famous drug OxyContin.

“Ballad of Sexual Dependency”, “The Other Side”, “Sisters, Saints and Sibyls” and “Memory Lost” are Goldin’s artworks at the core of the movie. It is possible to say that Goldin captures her friendships with beauty and raw compassion in these works. As we can see from the course of the movie, friendships and the legacy of his sister Barbara form the basis of Goldin’s entire art. Compassion, anger, and a righteous quest for justice come together and leave indelible traces of Nan Goldin with her well-known photographs that will make the weak-hearted turn their heads.


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