The Most Powerful Names of 2018 Art World

From artists to collectors, gallery owners to curators, art critics to academics, since 2002, ArtReview’s annual Power 100 list has been determining the most influential names of the art world. The 2018 version of the list was announced recently. The list was selected by 30 anonymous and independent jurors through a two-month evaluation process. What strikes us the most about the 2018 list is the #MeToo movement which came in at the third spot on 100-people list for the first time. Moreover the list became the most gender-balanced it has ever been. Here is an overview of the most influential persons of 2018 art world.

Who Are At Top 5?

David Zwirner
David Zwirner. Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images.

German gallery owner David Zwirner ranked top at 2018 list. With his Zwirner Gallery empire located across New York, London and Hong Kong and over 60 artists that he represents, Zwirner became the most powerful person of the art world. He was followed by Kerry James Marshall who made it second on the list. Influential artist raise from the 66th position all way to the second with his painting Past Times, which broke a record in 2018 and became the most expensive work by an African American artist.

Kerry James Marshall
Kerry James Marshall, Past Times (1997). Source: Sotheby’s.

The third spot was taken by #MeToo Movement which was emerged in 2017 to promote social justice, sexual harassment and gender equality. For the first time in the annual list’s history, a movement made it on Top 3. According to ArtReview, the global movement had a fundamental impact on the ways in which curators are appointed, exhibitions curated and prizes awarded. #MeToo was followed by German artist Hito Steyerl, who came in at number 1 in 2017. With her works which combine artificial intelligence, sound and virtual reality, Steyerl became one of the most powerful women on the list. The final rank of Top 5 was taken by world-famous Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei. Known with his activist actions and his social and politically-critical artworks, Wei Wei’s 2017 documentary “Human Flow” was nominated to Best Documentary Award at Oscars this year.

First-Time Appearances

Sağ: Pamela Joyner. Kaynak: W magazine, Sol: Fred Moten, The New Yorker.
Pamela Joyner. Source: W magazine, Fred Moten, The New Yorker.

Among the newcomers to Power 100 list are poet, art critic and art philosopher Fred Moten (10th), influential photographer and activist Nan Goldin (18th), art collector and board member of Chicago Art Institute and Getty Trust, Pamela J. Joyner (36th). Gayatri Chakravorty Spazivak also made it on spot 42 for the first time on the list. She is a highly influential figure with her academic works in the areas of postcolonial studies and comparative literature. Another first-time appearance was curator Simon Njami (65th). Njami curates hit exhibitions which bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa.

Who Dropped This Year?

Second name on 2017 list, artist Pierre Hyge, dropped to 12 this year. The artist is well-known with his works which explore the concept of time and changing processes. Similarly, last year’s number 4, Polish curator and art director of Documenta 17, Adam Szymczyk dropped all way to 58. Last year’s spot 3, science, technology and feminist teorist Donna Horawat, made it number 67 in 2018.

Stars of the List

Fotoğraf Kaynağı:

Yayoi Kusama (16th), Maja Hoffman (38th) and Marina Abramoviç (74th) are of the art world’s stars who made it on 2018 list. With her infinity rooms, installations and polka-dots, world-wide famous artist Yayoi Kusama was announced as the world’s most favorite artist by Observer in September 2018. According to ArtReview, Kusama was the most instagrammed artist of 2018. Swiss collector and philanthropist, founder of the Luma Arles Museum, member of the Swiss Institute, Tate and Serpentine boards, Maja Hoffman, came in 38. Similarly, Marina Abramovic who has been featuring on the list since 2008 was announced by ArtReview as the star of performance art.

Fotoğraf Kaynağı: Artnet news
Source: Artnet news

ArtReview Power 100 list revealed the influence of different fields
– contemporary art, gallery and museum sectors, academia, literature and philosophy over the art world. While bringing the most influential persons of the word up to the stage, the list also sheds light on the developments, changes and events that take place over one year. TOP 20 of the list is:

1. David Zwirner
2. Kerry James Marshall
3. MeToo
4. Hito Steyerl
5. Ai Wei Wei
6. Iwan & Manuela Wirth
7. Hans Ulrich Obrist
8. Thelma Golden
9. Eyal Weizman
10. Fred Moten
11. Wolfgang Tillmans
12. Pierre Huyghe
13. Gleen D. Lowry
14. David Hammons
15. Michael Govan
16. Yayoi Kusama
17. Maria Balshaw
18. Nan Goldin
19. Adam D. Weinberg
20. Miucca Prada

You can find the full Power 100 list on ArtReview.

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