The Awakening

Between April 2022 and September 2022, works by Görkem Dikel, Güliz Baydemir and Haydar Akdağ come together at the exhibition “The Awakening” thanks to the joint efforts of and Swissôtel The Bosphorus, İstanbul.

Every time spring comes, nature wakes up from a long and deep winter sleep. The world is suddenly filled with countless colors, sounds and smells that set our senses in motion. As temperatures rise, each atom of ours seems to vibrate faster. With our revived bodies, our dormant hopes also awaken one after another.

Görkem Dikel – Gemstone Series: Diamond SI Round Cut

Each work in the exhibition “The Awakening” contains various traces of nature’s energy cycles and their reflections in the individual. The four states of the matter and their motion in space-time constitute the central theme in Görkem Dikel’s paintings. This motion originates from the phenomenon of light with both its physical and spiritual connotations. Emanating from a diamond’s facet or from the sun itself, the light in Dikel’s works turns into compositions filled with the energy of the endless motion in the universe.

Güliz Baydemir - 1915
Güliz Baydemir – 1915

Güliz Baydemir explores those moments when the universe’s fourth dimension, time, is frozen, and often when we are alone in nature. These moments of self-alienation suddenly disrupting our cognitive flow are dominated by inner turmoil, and our self “awakenings” also take place during such moments.

Haydar Akdağ – One Day Later

In his abstract compositions, Haydar Akdağ often draws inspiration from geographic phenomena and atmospheric cycles. By combining various geometric structures and textures, he builds fields of optic experience triggering the viewer’s perceptions in unexpected ways.

Text: İpek Yeğinsü


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