From November 9 to December 8, works by artists Baysan Yüksel, Funda Alkan, Gözde Başkent, Lütfiye Kösten and Mihriban Mirap will be on view at the 39 Art Gallery of Kalamış Marina Hotel as part of the “Stories” exhibition.

Co-organized by and 39 Kalamış Marina Hotel, the exhibition presents stories by five women that are difficult to express in words, hardly noticeable in daily life, suppressed by reality, thus waiting to be discovered.

In her works she describes as storytelling, Baysan Yüksel questions our routines, beliefs, traditions and consumerism using dreams and universal symbols as signs that refer to the collective subconscious.

Baysan Yüksel - Gölge
Baysan Yüksel – Shadow

Funda Alkan uses cutting, pasting, sewing and embroidery to examine the beauty standards the society imposes on women and the female body. To answer the question “Is it the body’s freedom or imprisonment?”, she concentrates on the pressure exercised on women through othering and identity construction, and the physical and psychological violence endured by the female body that is stuck in a beauty trap.

Funda Alkan – Sayuri Red

In her oeuvre, Gözde Başkent explores the distance between humans and nature. While studying the human being in his relationship with nature from the perspective of his place in a mysterious universe, she touches upon the cycle of life and death as well as the concept of transience.

Gözde Başkent – Loop

Lütfiye Kösten addresses the notions of time, space, identity and existence. The collage effect in her timeless and placeless portraits is due to her graphic approach to color and line, which reinforces their timelessness. The ‘eyes’ she depicts in a realistic style are the areas in the picture conveying the deepest meanings. It is impossible to avoid their gaze speaking the denial of the social roles and rebelliousness.

Lütfiye Kösten - Gam-ı Pinhan
Lütfiye Kösten – Gam-ı Pinhan

Focusing on consumerism, Mihriban Mirap depicts the urban dweller and chaos and the resulting sensation of a ‘speedy and modern life’. In her portraits of senior ladies placed inside found and recycled frames, she questions the concept of the ‘eternal beauty’ imposed on us by popular culture, defending the position that old age can indeed be beautiful without outside interventions.

Mihriban Mirap – Apfel


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