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Gabriel Vorbon

Born in 1991, Gabriel Vorbon, started his university education at Yıldız Technical University Computer Engineering Department and graduated from Istanbul Technical University Department of Interior Architecture. He has also studied interior design at Escola Superior De Disseny i D’Arts Plastiques Academy in Barcelona, where he went for Erasmus.

Gabriel’s art career developed with his photography assistantship that he started in parallel to this academic education. Gabriel has created his own artistic style, by nurturing his photography with his architectural and design education. He continues to take place in many print / online magazines and various exhibitions around the world, combining fashion and architecture in a cinematographic line. Gabriel’s works were exhibited in the Mamut Art Project in 2019. He continues his art production between Istanbul and Spain.

2022 One Enemy, Mariana Custodio Gallery – Lisbon
2022 Pause, CubisArt – Bursa
2022 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Bu – Istanbul
2021 Contemporary Istanbul, Mariana Custodio Gallery – Istanbul
2021 All In One’02, Galeri Bu & Art50net – Istanbul
2021 Section G-G’, solo exhibition, Setup – Istanbul
2021 Art50 Hotlist, Art-Z Gallery – Izmir
2021 A1-108, Galeri Bu – Istanbul
2020 Step Istanbul, with Galeri Bu Galata – Istanbul
2020 Sicky Magazine, (Ciel Ese A Toi) – Madrid
2020 Fword Magazine, (Supportraits) – New York
2020 Slippage Magazine, (Alloy) – New York
2020 Human Void Space Shapes People, Han Spaces – Istanbul
2020 Summer Selection, FAAR Art & Design Gallery – Istanbul
2020 Onbir, Masterpiece Gallery – Istanbul
2019 Based Istanbul, (Poles Apart) – Istanbul
2019 The Pink Prince Magazine, (Suspect Seeker) – London
2019 Art Play Magazine, (I’d Make It Mine, If I Had Time) – Paris
2019 Based Istanbul, (Far From Tulip Era) – Istanbul
2019 Mamut Art Project – Istanbul
2019 Bring Your Water – Summer Selection, Rem Art Gallery – Istanbul
2018 Neo2 Magazine, (Far From Tulip Era) – Madrid
2018 Kaltblut Magazine, (First Aid Kid: Vitto) – Berlin
2018 Atlas Magazine, (Balandis) – New York
2018 Blanc Magazine, (Objects For the Body) – USA
2017 The New Normal (Performance), Supa Suriye Pasajı Salon – Istanbul
2017 Splendor Magazine, (Aburrido) – Berlin
2017 Stick And Stones Magazine, (Ratoel) – Australia

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