A Winter’s Tale

Between 28 December 2021 and 28 March 2022, works by Cem Onat, Filiz Piyale Onat ve Lütfiye Kösten come together at the exhibition “A Winter’s Tale” thanks to the joint efforts of Art50.net and Swissôtel The Bosphorus, İstanbul.

A cold winter night… Snowflakes dancing outside… The peaceful warmth of the fire merrily crackling in the fireplace, and the delicious smell of the slowly brewing coffee… There are some tales told by the family elderly during such times, with heroes travelling to faraway places, overcoming tough natural conditions and discovering new lands… These pass on from generation to generation, bringing people closer together and filling them with hopes for the future.

“A Winter’s Tale” features a series of artworks reminiscent of this atmosphere in different ways. Filiz Piyale Onat’s landscapes contain mysterious hints on the hero’s identity and journey. These details suddenly appearing in the midst of emptiness add an element of inner tension to the paintings the artist creates based on the concept of “mindscapes”. In Lütfiye Kösten’s paintings, the figure takes center stage and waits almost impatiently to tell her story. Especially the determination finding expression in her eyes is a sign that she will proceed in her own journey despite everything. Finally, in Cem Onat’s abstract expressionist works, the hero is the artist himself, expressing his presence through the traces of his body and imprinting his inner journey onto the canvas.

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Text: İpek Yeğinsü

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