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Taşkın Esin

Taşkın Esin was born in Istanbul in 1978 and is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In addition to his paintings his oeuvre includes digital art, and 3D animation works. The artist does not limit himself when it comes to choosing media, and his works focus on the units composing a whole, measurable processes and mechanical solutions. While underlining the processes behind the ordinary, he invites the viewers to question what is beyond the immediately visible.

2019 In Search of Digital: A New Era of Experience, Adas – Istanbul
2018 New Template, Design Week Turkey – Istanbul
2016 Profiler, with, Gallery Bu – Istanbul
2016 Voyage, with, Avantgarde Collection – Bodrum
2016 Treasure Room, with, Adahan Hotel – Istanbul
2015 Eat Play Love, with, Eataly Zorlu Center – Istanbul
2014 Close Up, with, Casa dell’Arte – Bodrum
2014 Figurative Summer Exhibition, ArtNext – Istanbul
2013 Entropi, ArtNext – Istanbul
2012 Persona, ArtNext – Istanbul
2012 Windowist Summer Art Scene at Icebar Ist, ArtNext – Istanbul
2012 İkametgah Kadıköy, Piha Kolektif – Istanbul
2010 Cumhuriyet Sanatçıları, Piha Kolektif – Istanbul
2010 Yargı ve Hoşgörü, Piha Kolektif – Istanbul

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