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Serap Can

Serap Can completed her education at Sakarya University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department in 2007. Afterwards she completed her graduate studies at the workshops of Mahir Güven and Turan Aksoy in Plastic Arts and Painting at Yeditepe University, Institute of Social Sciences. She took part in the “One Year in the Passage” project, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Nedret Sekban of the Art for Goodness Association. Can, who has participated in many national and international fairs and group exhibitions, received the “Young Artist of the Year 2015” award in 2015. The artist, who continues her
productions in Istanbul, is an artist of the Art for Goodness Association and works as an art teacher at a private institution.

“In my productions, I use photographs as a practice to recreate and transfer real-world images into my work. I choose the crowd from hundreds of photos that I randomly arrange and place them in an abstract urban space. People seen from an imaginary perspective just walk in a natural rhythm without doing anything. I believe with this compact installation style, I have produced a kind of life map that shows the way of seeing the metropolis I live in and the way it exists in the world.”

2023 Printemps Des Artistes – Saint Pulcherie Lycee
2023 Do Gallery – Passport 3
2023 Art Contact – Art for Goodness Association
2023 Art Contact -DO Gallery
2023 Art Contact- Beşiktaş Municipality
2023 One Year in the Passage – Denizbank Head Office
2023 One Year in the Passage – Art Mecidiyeköy
2023 I Have a Daughter in Anatolia – Beşiktaş Municipality
2022 I Am In Too – Beşiktaş Municipality
2022 Artweeks Akaretler 7th Edition
2022 Art Contact
2022 Artweeks Akaretler 6th Edition
2021 Contemporary İstanbul 16th Edition
2021 Open a Space for Art with Doğuş – Porche Showroom
2020 Anyone Hear My Voice? – Markaj Contemporary Art Initiative
2020 19 May Special Exhibition Beşiktaş Contemporary Art
2017 Cool – Pinelo Gallery
2017 Open a Space for Art with Doğuş – Doğuş Holding
2016 Cümbüş – SoulRoom/Kydonia – İstanbul
2016 Migration Stories – Bursa Museum of Migration History
2016 Nude- Muğla Seki Bath
2016 When I Wake Up This Morning -Istanbul Beylerbeyi Palace
2016 Made By Artist 2016 – Thesseloniki/Greece
2015 International Europe Asia Art Symposion – Alexandroupolis/Greece
2015 Young Artist of the Year Award 2015 – Alexandroupolis/Greece
2014 ARTIST 24th International Istanbul Art Fair – TÜYAP/Istanbul
2011 ARTIST 21st International Istanbul Art Fair – TUYAP/Istanbul

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