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Samet Öztürk

Born in 1993 in Düzce, Samet Öztürk graduated from Bolu Fine Arts High School and Abant İzzet Baysal University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. The artist participated to several exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad, and his works are about the individual “with no interest in life, unfitting everywhere, judged for his gender, building his own prison while trying to meet the societal norms”. His figures with faces hiding behind the darkness of despair and looking at the society from a distance are deeply sad for they are unable to express themselves. Öztürk departs from the question “shall we wear masks so that our bodies are not frightening anymore”, and his characters with both real life and fictional origins carry the silent screams of those individuals marginalized by the majority.

2022 Extravagant Remediation, Frank Art Studio – İstanbul
2022 Tabu, Çankaya Belediyesi Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Center – Ankara
2022 Untitled 2.0, Frank Art Studio – İstanbul
2022 Bodrum Art Fair, Herodot Cultural Center – Muğla
2022 Pembeye Çağrışım, solo exhibition, Eskiiz Art Gallery – İzmir
2021 Anadolu’dan İstanbul’a, Tarık Zafer Tunaya Cultural Center – İstanbul
2019 World Art Day Exhibition, Mimas Art Center and Studio – İzmir
2019 World Art Day Exhibition, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center – İzmir
2018 Karma-şık-2, Sanat Yorum Gallery – İstanbul
2018 New Space, Gallery Soyut – Ankara
2018 Young Turkey New Ashgate Gallery – UK
2018 Squarecode, Arda Art Gallery – Ankara
2018 New Generation Painters, ARTANKARA 4th Contemporary Art Fair – Ankara
2018 30A., Artsürem Art and Science Gallery – Ankara
2017 3rd International Mail Art Exhibition – UK
2017 Synchrony, Artsürem Art Gallery – Ankara
2017 Energy, Çankaya Art Gallery – Ankara
2017 Imprisoned Bodies, solo exhibition, Kadir Ogün Danış Exhibition Hall – Düzce

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