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Özge Yağcı

Born in 1983. Özge Yağcı graduated from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City Planning in 2006 then got M.A degree from Akdeniz  University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramic Department in 2013. She currently continuing PhD at Dokuz Eylül University, Art and Design Department.

In her practice, Özge Yağcı tries to trace a connection between natural and artificial structures; her works are outside of the personalized space that somehow act alien to their environment yet rest in harmony. This mostly occurs in the form of a non-established dialogue decryption. There is a narrative expression that evolves out of material rather than performative action. By using different themes the artist develops an intermediate space fiction. In a sense, as she belongs to the same space, she chases the missing one, that is, herself.

2022 Bir Işık Hüzmesi Üzerine, Taksim Sanat – Istanbul
2022 Artweeks Akaretler – Istanbul
2022 Rotation, Darağaç – Izmir
2022 Hikayeler Yürür, Kasa Gallery – Istanbul
2022 Gender Trouble, Nobu Projects – Antalya
2021 Hanging on Time, Hayy Open Space – Izmir
2021 Under the City, Kıyı Project – Antalya
2019 Comma Project – Istanbul
2018 Conceptual Diversity, Mimarlar Odası – Antalya
2018 Split Representation, Uniq Gallery – Istanbul
2018 Venue Atelier, CerModern – Ankara
2018 Counter Biennale – Mardin
2018 Dream Cather, Karbon Galeri – Istanbul
2018 Point Of View, Hub Art Space, CerModern – Ankara
2018 Meeting, Kendine Ait Bir Oda – Izmir
2017 Ah, Galeri Işık – Istanbul
2017 Camus was here, K2 Güncel Sanat Merkezi – Izmir
2017 Remains, Mixer – Istanbul
2016 Contemporary Istanbul
2016 Profiler, with, Gallery Bu – Istanbul
2016 Where the city Ends, Casa Dell Arte Bodrum
2016 Mamut Art Project
2015 Photocopies, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center – Izmir

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