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Oğulcan Arslan

Born in 1992 in İzmir, Oğulcan Arslan completed his undergraduate education at Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Photography Department between 2016-2020. He has been continuing his postgraduate education at Marmara University Fine Arts Institute Photography Department since 2020.

“I am a photographer and visual storyteller who constantly renews himself and focuses on development. My goal is not to fully perceive or change the world, but to add meaning to my world. I believe that this humane behavior triggers my creativity and helps me to reflect my imagination on photography. I’m pretty close to directly describing the world as I perceive it.”

Oğulcan Arslan’s photographs in the “Put on My Geneva Armor” series, in which a foggy turquoise color predominates, are like pages torn from his diary and put together. As Arslan explains, each photograph represents a letter, a word, and sometimes a punctuation mark; therefore, the diptych, triptych and single photographs we encounter are also open to reading as texts.

The pieces of Arslan’s narrative, which do not follow a chronological order, echo each other in a certain manner and document the artist’s journey in total. Using photography as a means of making sense of his life and conveying his feelings that he cannot express verbally, Arslan captures images to reflect his momentary perception, the feelings he experiences there and then. The landscapes and details filtered through his lens, can be interpreted by themselves or in new fictions sometimes with double or triple superimpositions, revealing a poetic mosaic in the whole.

The artist’s “Pearl” series, on the other hand, focuses on the horses that are released from their stables after waking up in the morning and roaming freely on the island until 6 o’clock in the afternoon, when they are not working, carrying people on horse carriages in Burgazada. As John Berger said, animals are born, have intuition, and are mortal, in this respect they are human-like. They have secrets that are appealing to humans in particular, not like the secrets of caves, mountains and seas. The search in the artist’s observations are, in a way, the traces of this secret.

2021 One Akaretler – Istanbul
2021 Mamut Art Project – Istanbul
2021 Helsinki Photo Festival – Finland
2021 Stranger Things, Summart Art Center – Istanbul
2021 FreshEyes Talents, Haute Photographie Gallery – Amsterdam
2020 BASE Istanbul
2020 Artist Photobook: Leporello Books – Origini Edizioni (ROMA) All The Rivers Flow in the Nuthouse
2019 Unsafe – Immigrantopolis (Trieste Photo Days) – Poland
2019 Geniş Açı Project, Interpreting Istanbul Encyclopedia with Photography – Salt Beyoğlu
2018 3. Istanbul Photobook Festival, MSGSÜ FUAM, Tophane-i Amire Culture & Arts Center

2021 ArtDog Magazine
2021 GUP Magazine
2021 Sarab Mag
2021 L’intervalle Blog, Photobook Review
2020 PHMuseum – StoryOfTheWeek
2020 ArtDoc
2020 L’oeil de la Photographie
2020 Discarded Magazine
2020 Edge of Humanity
2019 Dodho Magazine

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