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Nursun Hafızoğlu

Nursun Hafızoğlu completed her undergraduate education at Çukurova University Painting Department in 2011 and her master’s degree at Akdeniz University Fine Arts Institute Painting Department in 2020. The artist currently continues her studies in Proficiency in Art program at the Akdeniz University Fine Arts Institute in Antalya.

The artist depicts modern cities and images from urban life in her paintings produced with mixed media. While the images of the cities consist of objects, signs, and symbols that are experienced in daily life practices, the images of animals and abstraction of plants located in the paintings symbolize the destruction of the wildlife and habitats. Her art practice is based on the greed of the city and the alienation of urban mankind from nature. In her paintings, she points out that ‘mankind has to change’ and depicts her subjects by considering the utopia and dystopia concepts.

2023 Once Upon a Time, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul
2022 Kent Çıkmazı, solo exhibition, Mira Koldaş Art Gallery – Ankara
2022 39. DYO Painting Contest Exhibition, Tophane-i Amire – Istanbul
2021 Yersiz Yurtsuz, solo exhibition, Gru Art Gallery – Izmir
2020 Genç Sanat: 6th Contemporary Art Project Competition – Istanbul
2019 Base Istanbul
2019 Rota Art Competition, Plato Art – Istanbul
2019 Sanata Bi Yer 19, Leica Gallery – Istanbul
2019 KSÜ 16th Painting Competition for University Students, Achievement Award – Kahramanmaraş
2019 Nuri İyem Painting Awards – Istanbul
2019 18th Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition – Eskişehir
2019 9th Bazaart Painting Competition, Special Jury Award – Istanbul
2019 Saküder Painting Competition, Second Prize – İzmir
2018 Paintings of Destruction, solo exhibition, State Fine Arts Gallery – Antalya
2018 Colors of the Mediterranean IV International Group Exhibition – Antalya
2017 Ekim Geçidi, Gallery T – Antalya
2016 More Love, solo exhibition, Sümerpark Art Gallery – Diyarbakır

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