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Nur Ernehir

Born in 1987 in Izmir, Nur Ernehir graduated from the Graphics Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Akdeniz University with the first rank. After receiving Pedagogical Formation education at Dokuz Eylül University, she completed her master’s degree in Graphics department of the same university. She won awards in many national and international competitions and participated in group exhibitions. She is currently working as a designer in various companies as well as teaching art on a part-time basis.

Trying to convey shadow, silhouette and contrast with a minimalist and surrealist style in her visual narratives in different disciplines, the artist bases her works on social issues such as values attributed to women, gender inequality and freedom, generally from a feminine point of view. At this point, the shadow and silhouette represent the woman, who is subordinated and neutralized in the society, as a metaphor. However, the silhouette in the narratives turns into a new formation that emerges from a sharp silhouette and begins to show itself.

2021 Muse Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography – Photo manipulation, Silver Winner
2021 Art Moves Festival, The Billboard Art Competition, exhibition award
2021 1x International Online Photo Awards “Conceptual Art”, third prize
2021 Artsonline 3rd “50 Artists, 50 Artworks, online exhibition
2019 Politically Incorrect Poster Exhibition, AFE Cultural Center – Uruguay
2019 Posterrorism-International Poster Exhibition, Namseoul University Art Center Gallery Iang
2019 Uruguay Cartel, International Poster Competition, Best Poster, Top 15
2019 Posterrorism, International Poster Competition, Finalist
2018 Film Festival Poster Exhibition, San Diego, El Camino
2018 Year of Troy Exhibition, Art Center Gallery

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