Mehmet Çevik

Born in 1984 in Mersin, Mehmet Çevik is a graduate of Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting and the MFA Program in Painting at the same university. Çevik who worked as teaching staff at Uludağ University for two years, has been continuing his artistic practice at his studio in Istanbul since 2014.

Art Historian Prof. Dr. Bahadır Gülmez describes Mehmet Çevik’s art in the following words: “In his life there are multiplied figures. Plural figures derived from themselves but referring each time to ‘other states of being’. […] Mehmet is not an activist of sadness. He is not an activist of melancholy. In his works he constructs fragmented relationships, yet they contain moments of entertainment, imagination, masking, slow motion.” On the other hand, in reference to his own practice, Çevik says: “These are figures that I control, through whom I satisfy my pathetic human emotion and desire for power, and I want them to exist, to be visible. […] I perform my new paintings directly through the method of begin-and-apply, without preliminary sketch or design. No theme, story or narrative exists within the process of beginning nor during it. This reflex is a reduction of the priority to the action, the actuality and the actual.”

You can read artist’s interview by clicking this link.

2019 Köksap Grup Exhibition, Root Art Project – Eskişehir
2019 Minor Fictions, solo exhibition, Kuğulu Art Gallery – Ankara
2018 Ankara University VII: Painting and Sculpture Symposium and Exhibition – Ankara
2018 Point of Viev, CER Modern – Ankara
2018 One Da, pop-up exhibition, Atölye Maslak
2018 Polyhedral, solo exhibition, Gallery Kambur – Istanbul
2018 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Art50net, Casa Dell’Arte Bodrum
2017 Open Studio Days – Istanbul
2016 Saint Henry International Art Residency Workshop and Exhibition – France
2016 Made By Artist 2016, Pinelo Gallery – Greece
2015 ART SUITES International Workshop – Bodrum
2015 Artist Istanbul Art Fair, with Gallery Soyut – Istanbul
2015 Art Alem, O’Art – Istanbul
2014 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair
2014 Dissimilarity, Artis causa – Greece
2014 Solo exhibition, Bursa State Gallery of Fine Arts
2013 BNSD Turkish Artists Group Exhibition – Italy

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