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Lütfiye Kösten

Lütfiye Kösten is born in Izmir in 1978. Kösten continued her education at Yıldız Technical University at the Photography Department after graduating from Dokuz Eylül University, Painting Department in 1997. She completed her master’s degree at Nantes Fine Arts University in 2016. Kösten lives and continuously works in her studio in France.

In Lütfiye Kösten’s paintings, the depictions of portraits draw the main attention and are associated with the concepts of time, space, and identity. In her timeless and spaceless paintings, her distinctive graphical attitude of using colors and lines that create a sense of a collage strengthens the effect of timelessness in her paintings. The ‘eyes’ depicted in a realistic style, are the areas in which the deepest meanings are located. Gender roles given by the society, revolt, and rebellion are reflected through the eyes, and it is almost impossible to escape from the gaze.

2023 ARTCONTACT Istanbul, with Galeri Beylükdüzü
2023 Art3F International Contemporary Art Fair, Reims Cabart Gallery – France
2023 Your Center, Artgalerim – Istanbul
2022 Stories, with, 39 Kalamış Marina Hotel – 39 Art Gallery
2022 Ekrem İmamoğlu Collection, Galeri Beylikdüzü
2022 Galerie Cab-Art Art3F Art Fair, Metz – Fransa
2022 Galerie Cab-Art Art3F Art Fair, Reims – Fransa
2022 Emerging from the Past, solo exhibition, Şule Gazioğlu Art Design Gallery
2022 Hands Free Vol.1, Istanbul Concept Gallery
2021 A Winter’s Tale, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul
2021 All In One’02, with, Gallery Bu Galata
2021 Art50 Hotlist, with, ArtZ Gallery Alaçatı
2020 Step Istanbul, with
2020 Solo exhibition, Cab’Art – Reunion Island
2019 Art-Basel/Spectrum Miami, with Cab’Art – America
2019 Salon D’Art Contemporain Carte Blanche, Gallery Mondapart – France
2018 Art3F-LYON d’art Contemporain, Thuilier Art Gallery – France
2018 Art is all you need, group exhibition, Gallery Mondapart – France
2018 Cache-Cache, solo exhibition, Gallery Isart – France
2017 Salon D’Art Contemporain Carte Blanche, Gallery Mondapart – France
2017 Group exhibition, Gallery Mondapart – France
2016 Mirror, solo exhibition, Armaggan Art Gallery – Istanbul
2016 Solo exhibition, Site de La Cantrrie Gallery – France
2016 Group exhibition, Thuilier Gallery – France

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