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Levent Oyluçtarhan

Levent Oyluçtarhan was born in Adana in 1978. He graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2011. He continues his art practice in his studios in Eskişehir and Milas.

Levent believes that there is an unlimited number of forms beyond or behind what we see around us, and describes his paintings as a narrative which challenges objective values in an imaginary reality.

2021 Winter Show, Bluerhino Art Gallery
2020 Art Ankara 6th Contemporary Art Fair, with Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery – Ankara
2019 Art Ankara 5th Contemporary Art Fair, with Galeri Soyut – Ankara
2018 Chameleon, solo exhibition, Galeri Soyut – Ankara
2018 28th Artist International Istanbul Art Fair, with Galeri Bilek – Istanbul
2017 Alga Marina, solo exhibition, Galeri Soyut – Ankara
2017 Yeni Aralık/New Space, 25×25 cm Project Exhibition, Galeri Soyut – Ankara
2017 Frutti Di Mare, solo exhibition, Atatürk Culture Art and Congress Center – Eskişehir
2015 Hemzemin Group Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Peker Sanat – Ankara
2016 Muhayyel, solo exhibition, Galeri Soyut – Ankara
2012 Halet-i Ruhiye, solo exhibition, Gallery Atellier Çamurdam – Eskişehir

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