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Khayyam Zidane

Born in 1983 in Syria, Khayyam Zidane is a graduate of the University of Damascus Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting (2005). He received his Master’s degree from the same department In 2007, and was appointed lecturer in 2009. From 2008 to 2011, he participated to various solo and group exhibitions in Syria. Since 2016, he lives and works in Istanbul.

Khayyam presents his non-figurative works as autonomous patterns resembling remains of forms in a physical space different from what they originally represent. His oeuvre symbolizes the time and distance resisting the entropic chaos in our lives that keeps growing both physically and psychologically.

“To me, the work of art is right in an intuitive and irrational way, even prior to its interpretation. It saves us from the slavery of the fourth dimension of time, thus allowing us to move between the past and the present”.

We may argue that Khayyam’s paintings address and concretize three main concepts: The “organic” represented as the living, “inorganic” as matter entering reactions around the universe, and “perceptivity” arising from human awareness and intellectual knowledge and appearing in a new form.

2022 Synesthesia, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul
2022 ArtContact Istanbul Art Fair, with DoArt Gallery – Istanbul
2022 Sonsuz Enerji, Mitokondriyal Havva, Atatürk Culture Center Gallery, Taksim Square – Istanbul
2019 Palais des Nations, Geneva – Switzerland
2019 Two Cultures Four Colors, Plato Art Gallery – Istanbul
2019 Etki, Independent Art Foundation – Istanbul
2019 French Culture Center – Ankara
2018 Kelimat Canpark Gallery – Istanbul
2018 Painting, solo exhibition, Kelimat Art Gallery – Istanbul
2017 Yakın Bir Yer, Plato Sanat – Istanbul
2017 Kavşak 2, Kelimat Art Gallery – Istanbul
2017 Contemporary Istanbul, with Plato Sanat – Istanbul
2017 Grand Cevahir Hotel Symposioum Al-Quds – Istanbul
2016 Contemporary Istanbul, with Kelimat Art Gallery – Istanbul
2011 Shajhaf, Damascus Kamel Gallery – Damascus
2010 Solo Exhibition, Goethe Institute – Damascus

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