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Kerem Topuz

Kerem Topuz is a multidisciplinary artist and a film director. He was born in Tekirdağ in 1978 and studied Cinema and Television at Akademi İstanbul between 1996-98. Topuz creates his artworks using manufactured objects and popular imagery, sometimes maximizing them with digital techniques or combining them with found objects or with different kind of unrelated materials.

Topuz  takes those materials and imagery out of their visual context, and then isolates them or mixes them with other materials. Thus, he emphasizes the ‘kitschy’ features of our popular culture’s imagery, the iconic artworks of our Art History or ordinary consumer products by redefining them. The artist, who prefers to use ordinary and familiar images in his works, transforms the banality of everyday life into quality (unqualified) reproduced goods by using contrasting and vibrant colors.

2022 Dopaminerjik Metalar, solo exhibition, Curator: Feride Çelik, Galeri Ark – Istanbul
2022 İSTANBUL7TEPE, KadiköyMag, 360 Istanbul
2022 Farazi, Curator: Meriç Aktaş, Taksim Sanat – Istanbul
2022 Öteki Yeşilçam, Cengiz Üstün&Kerem Topuz Duo Exhibition, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2022 Artweeks Akaretler, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2021 Contemporary Istanbul, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2021 Uniq Expo, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2021 Artcontact, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2021 Art Ankara, İyilik İçin Sanat – Ankara
2021 Hilal-i Ahmer Kadınları Sergisi, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2021 Art.Ist Sauna, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2020 Contemporary Istanbul, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2020 Step İstanbul, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2020 Artweeks Akaretler, İyilik İçin Sanat – Istanbul
2019 Myths and Dreams, with, Kıraathane Istanbul
2018 Dinamo lll, Büyük Efes Sanat – Izmir
2017 Wsentre, 1m 10sn, Video Art – Turkey
2017 Klaxin, 2m 18sn, Video Art – Turkey
2017 Simpify, 1m 05sn, Video Art -Turkey
2017 Siwu, 50sn, Video Art – Turkey
2014 Kanunsuzlar, 1h 25m, Sinema Filmi – Turkey
2012 Best Improvisation Award: Improvised Film Festival – Australia
2011 Best Foreign Film Award: 8. Atlanta Underground Film Festival – ABD
2007 Silence, 10 m, Short Movie – Turkey
2000 A and I is P, Video Art – Turkey

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