Hakan Sorar

Born in Istanbul in 1991, Hakan Sorar completed his undergraduate degree from the Mechanical Engineering Program and master’s degree from Istanbul Medeniyet University, Faculty of Science. Sorar, who received an associate degree from the Department of Cultural Heritage and Tourism at Istanbul University, continues his graduate degree at the Department of Communication Design and Semiotics in Beykoz University.

Sorar focuses on the concepts of identity, memory, humans, and city. By using the instant filming technique, he destroys the forms of the frames that shoot and creates new realities. He manipulates the frozen ‘moment’, fragments it, and forms new frames that include subjective properties. In the digital compositions, he combines human figures with architectural elements and investigates the relationship between man and his changing environment. Throughout his digital drawings in which the lines between the bodies and objects become subtler, Sorar questions the body, which is controlled, shaped and objectified by various mechanisms. He invites the viewer to question about the body, identity, form, politics, and gender.

You can read artist’s interview by clicking this link.

2020 Step Istanbul with Pg Art Gallery
2020 Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival (TQAF)
2020 Through the Skin Series, Pg Basement, Pg Art Gallery
2020 Through the Skin Series, Pg Art Gallery, Pg Online
2020 Apeiron 2020, Web Bienial
2020 Bald But Hairy, Arada Fest, Ada Sanat
2020 Remember Photography Exhibition, Love 360 Fest, 42 Maslak
2020 Walk in Their Shoes, Love 360 Fest, 360 Beyoğlu
2020 Cool 6, Group Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery
2020 Solo Sergi, Recolor Series, TAG Art Gallery
2019 Genetic Codes of Turkish Design, İGA İstanbul Airport
2019 Artisans Dergi, GlobalArt Karaköy
2019 Group Exhibition, Comma Art Project
2019 10th Edition of International Photography Exhibiton ‘Fokus Award’, City Art Gallery, Albania
2019 All In One 01, GaleriBu Pavilion
2019 World Art Day, İzmir’19 Exhibition
2018 World Art Day, İzmir’18 Exhibition
2018 Design on Tomtom Street, Arthouse IV
2018 Antonina Art Gallery, Collection Exhibition
2017 Design on Tomtom Street, Arthouse III

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