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Hadra Tanrıverdi Birecik

Hadra was born in Mardin Midyat in 1976. She started to study in Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Painting major in 1996 and graduated from Veysel Günay Atelier in 2000. She also studied in graphics and decoration. In 2003, she took design lessons from Selçuk Tanyel in Çukurova University Textile major. In 2004, the artist started to teach Paintings/Graphics in many parts of the country. She started to work in Refia Övüç Advanced Technical School as Paintings/Graphics teacher and she still working in the same school. She started her master degree Yeditepe University Plastic Arts Masters Program in 2012. She graduated from the same program with high honor degree in 2014.

“My works, I created in series, implies division, loneliness and recurring in modern life. I think I manage to built aesthetic and emotional relations. Thus, an inevitable relation with the model is happening. In this context, in my works, I manage to scrutinize the multi-layered life and the images like photographs and writings by connecting to each other and rebuilding.

In my works, when I am creating the language of expression, sharp and outer lines are gaining volume with the contrasting space. You see this model’s loneliness and abstraction by replacing the figure in its own sovereign space. Pictographic writings and expression creates new meanings. The technic is progressing by not destroying the special atmosphere of the artwork. I am in the aim of reaching to the core of the arts by inter-disciplinary communication.’’

2021 All in one 02, with, Gallery Bu Pavillion – Istanbul
2020 Step Istanbul, with Art50net, Taksim 360
2019 All in one 01, with, Gallery Bu Pavillion – Istanbul
2017 Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Foundation, group exhibition – Denizli
2017 Exhibition with Art50net for Youngsters with Down Syndrome, Hilton Bomonti
2016 Toplu Monologlar, solo exhibition, Gallery Eksen Balat – Istanbul
2015 EgeArt Young Art Contest – Izmir
2015 Saküder Art Competition – Ankara
2015 Celebrities, with, Avangarde Collection – Bodrum
2015 Kırmızı-Beyaz, Ortaköy Art Gallery – Istanbul
2015 Hey I’m Here II, Pinelo Gallery – Istanbul
2014 Time in Yeditepe IV, Ekavart Gallery – Istanbul
2014 Hey I’m Here, Haliç Tersanesi – Istanbul
2011 Woman, solo exhibition, Beyoğlu Öğretmenevi Sanat Galerisi – Istanbul

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