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Görkem Dikel

Born in 1988, Görkem Dikel completed her undergraduate and MFA at Mimar Sinan FAU, Painting Department. In year 2010 she studied at Universidad de Sevilla – Bellas Artes. Dikel was awarded in 2010 artist fellowship by Fundación Antonio Gala founded by the Spanish writer Antonio Gala. She attended, among other young artists from three countries, Plein-Air Workshop in Andalusia in 2013 which was organized by Fundación Tres Culturas. She received pedagogical formation from Educational Sciences of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2015. She continues to doctorate program in Painting Major in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

She has worked with Soda, Mixer, Anna Laudel, Krampf, Mixer, Art50, Casa Dell Arte, Sevil Dolmacı, Teşvikiye Sanat galleries and most recently with Merkür Gallery in Turkey. She still continues to work with Merkür Gallery and

Her works are part of international collections in the USA, Australia, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, China and Turkey such as Emaar Square, Mastercard, Capital One Bank, Horoz Logistics, Ant Yapı, Halk Bank, Sancak Group, Anna Laudel, Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and in private collections.

Whilst forming her artistic practices around the transformation and motion of the matter in space and its interaction made with hypothetical void, she brings some extraordinary dimensions and oscillations through juxtapositions and superpositons. What is solid evaporates, liquid freezes, air solidifies, what is behind appears in the front and the atoms the reality is made of are torn apart. The unfathomable phenomenons of the universe cause a sense of alienation by intruding the life of the individual.

While taking inspiration from science-fiction, iconology, mythic and personal narratives, she utilizes the paint as it can easily represent other textures and also itself as paint, in order to create collage – like paintings.

In these colorist portraits in the Luminous Portraits series, the forms are moulded not by tone contrast but by color contrast. While referring sunlight on human skin images in the art history she also focuses the spiritual interraction between the light and the entities.

2022 The Awakening, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul
2022 Artweeks Akaretler, Merkür Gallery
2021 Artweeks Akaretler, Merkür Gallery
2021 Music to My Eyes, Merkür Gallery & Pi Artworks – Bodrum
2021 Breath, Merkür Gallery – Istanbul
2020 Step Istanbul, with Art50net, Taksim 360
2020 Elementler, Curator: GLOBART, Akfen Bodrum Loft – Bodrum
2020 Sen Diye Bir Şey Kalmasın, Curator: Arthole Berlin, Avlu Bebek – Istanbul
2019 Heritage, JLF Gallery, Espace Marais-Marais – Paris
2019 Artists from Turkey Permanent Collection Exhibition, Cyprus Musem of Modern Art – Nycosia
2019 Summer Time, Nevmekan, Üsküdar Municipality – Istanbul
2019 Cosmic Geometry, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul
2019 Hilal-i Ahmer Collection Exhibition
2018 Tasarım Tomtom Sokakta, with Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy
2018 95th Anniversary Collection, Portakal Çiçeği Art Colonie, Beşiktaş Contemporary Art Gallery
2018 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Art50net, Casa Dell’Arte Bodrum
2018 Coordinate Plane, Curated by İpek Yeğinsü, Merkür Gallery – Istanbul
2017 Art Sevilla, Arquemi Estudio y Galeria de Arquitectura – Spain
2017 La Noche en Blanco, Arquemi Estudio y Galeria de Arquitectura – Spain
2017 Parallax AF, London – UK
2017 Nilüfer Workshop Exhibition, Nazım Hikmet Kültür Evi – Bursa
2016 Tutti Frutti, Teşvikiye Art Gallery – Istanbul
2016 Very Hot Indeed, Teşvikiye Art Gallery – Istanbul
2015 Collective Show: Witnesses, Rem Art Space – İstanbul
2015 Contemporary Istanbul, Berlin Istanbul Quartier – Istanbul
2015 Open Space, Mixer Karaköy – Istanbul
2014 Poetic Geometry (with Emre Doğrusöz), Anna Laudel Contemporary – Istanbul

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