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Fatih Dülger

Fatih Dülger is born in 1988, Ardahan. He received his B.A and M.A degrees from Mimar Sinan University at the Department of Painting. During his graduate study, he spent one academic year in Complutense de Madrid in 2012. He started his Proficiency of Arts Program in 2017 at Mimar Sinan University, and between 2018-2019 he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since 2015, he works as a Research Assistant at Mimar Sinan University, at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Artworks. Including the 14th Şefik Bursalı and Nuri İyem Painting Competitions, Dülger achieved worthy of various awards in many competitions.

Fatih describes the conceptual aspects of his works within these words:

In my compositions, the images of nature belonging to the earth appear as the means of form and color without carrying any worry to depict. While conveying the meaning of that image as well, they are transformed into an expression of perception of changing nature. Within this form of expression, the concept of ‘void’ is not only represented as a plastic element, but it conceptually constructs the infrastructure of my works.

At first, a wide range of a ‘void’ covers everywhere, and then on the earth, the formations which reached their essences by eliminating their excess reappear. While the laws of physics differ, this affects the structure and the nature of the substance as well. The relations between the planets, the various shapes of the earth, and basic elements of nature all survive with their subtle differences, and some plants survive with their own might. New ecosystems, new seasons are observable. Besides, not the actual images, but the remnants, some vague images of the human figure are presented and are regarded as parts that do not destroy the flow of nature. Although the represented atmosphere seems calm, the inner dynamics of nature are in continuous motion. Unfamiliar elements and uncertainty keep the tension in some of my paintings by representing familiar landscapes and appealing to our sense of trust.

2019 Silent and Profound, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul
2018 Zaman Döngüsü, Terakki Sanat – Istanbul
2017 Artist Istanbul Art Fair, Katastrof – Istanbul
2017 Mekan-Atölye 4, Taktiksel Duruş, Cer Modern – Ankara
2017 Sinerji, Dibeklihan – Bodrum
2016 Bir Arada, Osman Hamdi Bey Salonu, MSGSÜ – Istanbul
2015 Young Generation Exhibition, KAV Art Gallery – Ankara
2015 Kış Ortası, group exhibition, Galatea Art – Istanbul
2014 Artist Istanbul Art Fair, Viyadük – Istanbul
2014 Rh+Art Magazine International the Artist of the Year Painting Contest Exhibition
2013 Summer Exhibition, Harmony Art Gallery – Istanbul
2013 Fatih Dülger & Albina Onay Exhibition, Evin Art Gallery – Istanbul
2012 Bergamo Art Fair – Italy

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