Ece Gauer

Born in 1984 in Istanbul, Ece Gauer received Sabancı Foundation, University of Mimar Sinan First Prize for best student of the year in Painting, where she studied painting and mosaic-fresco under the supervision of Prof Mehmet Mahir. Having also studied fashion design, cinema and photography in various education programs in France, afterwards she is also graduated in 2017 from Fine Arts Academy (ADBK) Munich, Department of Painting.

Living in the space between two cultures (Munich – Istanbul), Ece Gauer is interested in exploring the “in-between spaces”: the real and the unreal , the solid and the void, the ancient and the modern. For Ece Gauer, painting provides a gateway that allows the imagination to move freely between these different worlds. Her work combines the pattern-oriented art of the Turkish-Islamic world with the Western approaches of figurative art.

You can read artist’s interview by clicking this link.

2019 Soul Map, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul
2018 95th Anniversary Collection, Portakal Çiçeği Art Colonie, Beşiktaş Contemporary Art Gallery
2018 Synthesis, solo exhibition, Sepa Art Gallery – Ankara
2017 Altercities, European Union Project – Paris
2017 Bellevilloise Exhibition – Paris
2017 Quartier des Artistes, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Istanbul Artists – Paris
2017 Solo exhibition, CKM Gallery – Istanbul
2016 Group exhibition, NisArt Gallery – Istanbul
2016 Group exhibition, Art-Muc – Germany
2015 18591 km, Silent Green Kulturquartier – Germany
2015 Annual Exhibition, ADBK Munich – Germany
2015 Peep, Arcadenale, Kunstarcaden Munich – Germany
2015 Tatort Art Exhibition, Munich – Germany

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