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Coşkun Sami

Born in 1973 in Bulgaria. Graduate of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting, Istanbul (BFA, MFA). Occasionally exhibited at group shows, illustrated magazines, poetry books, theater posters. Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. While including architectural and historical references in his works, he also maintains affinity for the templates of formalist painting. The limited palette supporting his drawing based process indicates and makes visible an effort towards pictorial and formal values. Floating in between stylistic borders of expression and figuration, Sami’s works are frequently borrowing forgotten, abandoned architectural spaces belonging to the recent past, exposing possibilities for existence of anonymous, depoliticized homogenous spaces accompanying a horizontal based perception of time.

“Regarding my drawing practice, I nurture a preference toward a conscious naivety and blurring of the subject matter. My primary concern is reflecting on the subjective and often spontaneous nature of drawing, with its contemporary characteristics of stylistic awkwardness and matter obscurity sharing a border with hermeneutic approaches. A carte blanche is given to coincidences and contradictions between meticulous hatching and mark makings, almost always executed with an ink, it refuses the erasure and remake and stays certain for itself even when there is a possible miscalculation.

2022 Slow Homecoming, solo exhibition, Art Gallery Silistra
2022 Sumerki, solo exhibition, Istanbul Concept Gallery
2022 Stalker, Pera Palace Hotel
2022 Ar(t)chive, İstanbul Concept Gallery
2021 Art50 Hotlist, with, ArtZ Gallery Alaçatı
2021 The Cycle of Time, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus, Istanbul
2021 Inventory, solo exhibition, Gallery Soyut – Ankara
2020 Step İstanbul, with
2019 New December, Gallery Soyut – Ankara
2018 River’s Energy, Tedi – Varna
2017 Utopia: Classless-Borderless, Artist Istanbul Art Fair
2016 Unexpected Territories, Artist Istanbul Art Fair
2015 Playing Backwards, solo exhibition, The Other Fair – London
2015 Cold. Warm. Hot, Art Next – Istanbul
2015 Amarcord, Artist Istanbul Art Fair
2014 Focus I: Free Association, Daire Gallery – Istanbul
2014 Dispossess, Artist Istanbul Art Fair
2013 The Contract, solo exhibition, Mabeyn Gallery – Istanbul
2012 Sorry, I Couldn’t Recognize You, Port-Art – Ankara
2012 Draft, Mabeyn Gallery – Istanbul
2011 Scratches on the Surface, Art Suites – Istanbul
2011 Cold Element, Akademililer Sanat Merkezi – Istanbul

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