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Canan Çakar

Born in 1985, Canan Çakar studied English Language Teaching (BA) and Curriculum and Instruction (MA) at Uludağ University, Bursa. She is currently a PhD candidate at Anadolu University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction. The artist mainly focuses on human behavior reflectinghis hedonist and helpless nature on the axis of male image and reflects them in herpaintings in the context of his relations with society and objects. She forms the compositions blended with themes such as fear, hope, violence, obedience and fight, and sets them on a background lacking a fixed location or time.

Canan Çakar, a self taught artist, expresses herapproach as follows: ‘’Our connection with the pastis like a puzzle waiting to be solved or a curtain preventingus from approaching things, states or situations objectively. And catching the similarities of contemporary events with the past ones is like solving this puzzle.’’

You can read artist’s interview by clicking this link.

2019 Mamut Art Project – Istanbul
2013 Orada Bir Yerde, Cihangir Art Gallery – Istanbul
2012 Gel, Tayyare Kültür Merkezi – Bursa
2010 Ressam Şefik Bursalı Art Gallery, Group Exhibition – Bursa
2004 Colors, Group Exhibition, Uludağ University – Bursa

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Canan Çakar

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