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Batıkan B. Bostancı

Batıkan B. Bostancı was born in 1991 in Uşak. He completed his undergraduate education at Anadolu University Sculpture Department in 2015 and started working as an assistant in Bahadır Baruter’s sculpture studio. Since 2015 Batıkan has been working as an assistant in İrfan Önürmen’s studio and continuing his art practice in his studio in Istanbul.

“When I start to make my first touches on the blank canvas, I visualize the final state of the painting. Although certain differences develop during the production process, I am not far from the end that I originally dreamed of. The ideas that I think of during the production phase of one work become the subject of my next work. Although I have turned to painting more in recent years, my work on sculpture has also intensified with the desire of three-dimensional solutions that develop within myself. My priority in sculpture art is to be able to carry the intensity of color in the painting to my sculptures. Some techniques and materials that I have found by trial and error accompany me to probe the subject and continue with my story.”

2022 Ekrem İmamoğlu Collection Exhibition, Galeri Beylikdüzü
2021 Art50 Hotlist, with, ArtZ Gallery Alaçatı
2020 Microtopia – Istanbul
2020 Existence, group online Instagram exhibition
2016 Baca Today Group Exhibition, Peyote Pub – Eskişehir
2015 State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, State Painting and Sculpture Museum – İzmir
2015 Turgut Pura Foundation, Turgut Pura Museum – İzmir
2015 Last Act Sculpture Exhibition, solo exhibition, State Fine Arts Museum – Eskişehir
2014 Seeing and Reading the Past, solo exhibition, Anadolu University Gallery G – Eskişehir
2014 State Painting and Sculpture Competition Exhibition Award
2014 Turgut Pura Sculpture Competition Exhibition Award

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