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Azime Sarıtoprak

Azime Sarıtoprak was born in 1987 in Merzifon. She completed her undergradute studies in Painting at Marmara University Faculty of Education. She then went on to Mimar Sinan Faculty Fine Arts where she recieved her masters degree in Painting. So far, Sarıtoprak’s works have been exhibited in her two solo show and various group exhibitions.

Sarıtoprak explains the theme of her works with refernces to her first solo exhibition:

“The period when I felt that I was painting in the real sense of the word includes the Miyazaki adventure. During my first encounter with painting, I was under the influence of films of Hayao Miyazaki. Thanks to them, I found a way to express myself, because they helped me overcome my biggest longings. Later on, rather than overcoming these longings, I decided to express the longing itself. By carrying the traditional idioms of my village into my paintings I concreted the situation. In general, this process represents the expression of my crisis in urban life and my longings for village. The “here – there” dilemma of my life reflects on my drawings with its every aspect, often with my vision from here and often from there.

2018 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Art50net, Casa Dell’Arte Bodrum
2017 Mekan Atölye 4: Taktiksel Duruş, Cer Modern – Ankara
2016 Yeni Aralık, Galeri Soyut – Ankara
2015 YeOynaSev | EatPlayLove, with, Eataly Istanbul
2015 Up in the Air, with Art50net, Vogue Istanbul
2015 Mamut Art Project
2014 Dokuz+Bir, Mine Art Gallery – Istanbul
2013 Artist Diaries, Pera Museum, 6th International Student Triennial of Marmara University
2012 Azime was here, solo exhibition, Mine Art Gallery – Istanbul
2012 Occupied Walls, Hayaka Artı – Istanbul
2012 Meeting, Mine Art Gallery, Palmarina Yalıkavak – Bodrum
2011 Miyazaki was here, solo exhibition, Mine Art Gallery – Istanbul

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