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Ayşegül Karakaş

Ayşegül Karakaş was born in Izmir in 1989 and graduated from Department of Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts in Dokuz Eylül University. In her ascendant career Karakaş has already participated in many group exhibitions. She describes the nature element that appears in her works with a different perspective and explains:

“In my paintings I reverse nature’s attractive character, and I reinterpret it by combining daily life’s gloominess with fantasized reality. Instead of the classic feeling of joy associated with nature, I create an environment based on tension. I try to add a different layer to the familiar reality of it. And I approach the figure within this perception of nature that remains outside the realm of ordinary life. My compositions generally have this feeling of suspense. The anonymous figures in my paintings run towards a timeless atmosphere. This way, time somehow remains suspended. As if the figure is in some kind of a purgatory, stuck in between a beginning and an aftermath.”

2022 En Sevdiğim Yere Giden Yol, Curator: Gencer Uçar, BonVivant Izmir
2021 Art50 Hotlist, with, ArtZ Gallery Alaçatı
2019 All in one 01, with, Gallery Bu Pavillion – Istanbul
2017 Tomorrow, Plato Sanat & Gaia Gallery – Istanbul
2017 8. International Art Workshop Exhibition – Eskişehir
2017 Reflections, with, İKÜSAG – Istanbul
2016 Voyage, with, Avantgarde Collection Yalıkavak
2015 Contemporary Istanbul, with
2015 Never Let me Go, artist residency exhibition, The Art Department by Casa dell’Arte
2015 Up in the Air, with, Vogue Istanbul
2014 Close Up, with, Casa dell’Arte Bodrum
2014 Stories Untold, collaboration with & TEB Etiler Özel Bankacılık
2014 Akbank Contemporary Artist Prize, Akbank Sanat – Istanbul
2013 Mamut Art Project – Istanbul
2012 What a Wonderful World!, Plato Sanat – Istanbul
2012 Young New Different, Cda Projects – Istanbul
2012 Beyond Experience, Pera Museum – Istanbul

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