Ahmet Rüstem Ekici

Born in 1983 in Adana, Ahmet Rüstem Ekici graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2008. He worked for a decade as an art director in the realm of television set, studio and stage design. Having obtained a certificate of Art Writing from Node Center Berlin in 2015, Ekici has been writing art and exhibition articles for various magazines and social media platforms as well as in his own blog. He continues his artistic venture with 3D drawings and site-specific installations.

He uses photography, digital drawing, digital collage, ceramic and readymade object to create works on human body and its social codes, shaping around concepts like gender, belongingness and existence. The concept-driven approach of his site-specific installations reveals the potential of the readymade object  by tackling films, events and subjects unforgetable to our society.

2022 Kazı İzleri / Lines of Site Aşıklı Höyük Art and Archeology EU Project
2022 Paralaks, Müze Gazhane – Istanbul
2022 22nd Anniversary Exhibition, Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery – Istanbul
2022 Aşkla, EKAV Art Gallery – Istanbul
2022 Symbio, Loft Art Space – Istanbul
2022 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Galeri Bu – Istanbul
2022 Hadi Bana geçelim!, Koli Art Space – Istanbul
2021 SAUNA / Virtual Experience
2021 Ars Electronica Concrete House .Art
2021 Museari Quuer Arts Museum Expo5
2021 Karşı Pencere, Koli Art Space – İstanbul
2021 Through The Window Queer Art Project II
2021 Contemporary Istanbul Plugin
2020 Contemporary Istanbul Plugin
2020 Istanbul Light Festival
2020 Step Istanbul, with Art50net
2020 XX Art Flanerie with ARTIVIVE
2020 Museari Queer Arts Museum Online
2020 CADAF Online selection by ARTIVIVE APP
2020 Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival – Greece
2020 Webbiennial Apeiron
2020 Bald but Hairy Queer Art Festival, Ada Sanat
2020 Love360 Fest
2020 Women in Black, EKAV Art Gallery
2019 Bath, solo exhibition, Gallery Bu Pavillion – Istanbul
2019 Artisans 1st year exhibition, GlobalArt Gallery – Istanbul
2019 Myths and Dreams, with Art50.net, Kıraathane İstanbul
2019 All in one 01, with Art50.net, Gallery Bu Pavillion – Istanbul
2019 Digigether, UNHCR, Uniq Gallery – Istanbul
2019 American Arts Incubator 2019 Turkey Group Project
2019 World Art Day – Izmir
2018 Başka Dünya Group Exhibition, Mine Art Gallery
2018 Hafıza Kürü, Antonina Art Gallery
2018 Tasarım TomTom Sokakta IV
2018 World Art Day – İzmir
2017 Hayat, with Art50net & Down Sendromu Türkiye Derneği
2017 Tasarım TomTom Sokakta II
2017 Tasarım TomTom Sokakta III
2016 Uniq Gallery, Together – Workshop, Exhibition
2016 Bishkek National Art Museum – Kyrgyzstan
2016 Bring Your Art, Şehir Merkezine Ne Kadar Uzaklıktayım?
2016 Tasarım Tomtom Sokakta – Sevil Dolmaci Art Consultancy
2016 LGBTi, Nerdeen Nereye, Istanbul Pride Week
2015 Uniq Gallery, Love 360 Festival
2015 Artnivo, Reloaded
2014 Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, Open Call // Open Door

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